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Why Eco-Safe?

Eco-Safe Pest Control is committed to natural organic services, education, and protection. We are here to set a new precedent for what pest control is and should be.  Our technicians are extremely qualified, well trained, and committed to excellent customer care and service.  Our treatment methods are natural, safe, and effective. We strive to further educate our staff, clients and community about the benefits of what Eco-Safe has to offer.

We service both Residential and Commercial customers throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Our services are extensive so if you do not see a service on our site, never hesitiate to call the office at (214) 358-5201 to inquire or email us at 

Eco-Safe prefers and supports the use of natural organics over any other materials; however, if a natural organic approach does not coincide with a customer's desires, we will design a unique approach so that our customer's needs and desires are met in the safest possible way. 


Eco-Safe Pest Control is the ONLY pest control company in the state of Texas certified by the Texas Organic Research Center! 

Eco-Safe Pest Control is the ONLY pest control company in the state of Texas certified by the Texas Organic Research Center! 

Pest Control for the Organic Home and More

Eco-Safe understands that pest control is and should be considered a very serious profession. We are responsible for protecting and educating the public. We are also responsible for what is put into and around people’s lives. Of course if insects or animals enter the home and turn into pests, we will ensure results; however, the goal of pest control should never be to kill all pests – it should be to provide a barrier between the environment and one’s structure to prevent pests from negatively interfering with people’s lives.

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How are we changing it?

Eco-Safe Pest Control is the only pest company in the state of Texas certified by the Texas Organic Research Center. Eco-Safe uses and encourages natural organic services whenever it is possible. Many of the products Eco-Safe uses are manufactured by its sister company, Eco-Safe Labs. We are always working on newer and more diverse natural organic products in order to provide better services for a better tomorrow. Right now, we have three new natural organic products that are in the developmental stage which will extend to services where natural organic products have never been recommended before.

The majority of Eco-Safe’s services incorporate all natural organic products. The foreseeable future and goal at Eco Safe is only natural organic products for any and all pests, problems, and infestations. We need your help and support to make this goal a reality.

We are Pest Control and we are what Pest Control should be. We are committed to transparency, honesty, and education. We will never hide behind false green products, clever names, or give you general statements if you ask a specific question. We are Eco-Safe. So rest assured when you use us, we will be using the safest most effective treatment available and are more than happy to speak to you about it. Now ask yourself, if you haven’t already, are you ready to join the EcoRevolution®?

Residential Services

Eco-Safe offers you a 4-way pest management system, a 4-way system that covers all bases and is unmatched. The system is for your protection, so that you receive the finest pest management service available. The system includes: Non Chemical and Organic Pest Management,  Inspection, Identification, Recommendations, and Treatment. It includes Pest and Rodent Management, Flea and Tick Management, Bird and Squirrel Management, Nuisance Animal Management and Exclusion,  Lawn and Shrubbery Pest Control, Termite Management with Annual Inspections, Written Reports, Conventional Pest Management and Wall and Void Treatments.

Commercial Services

Whether you own or manage an office, retail space or warehouse, Eco-Safe® Pest Control offers effective and economical pest control services to protect your place of business. Give us a call to learn more about our one-time treatments and on-going preventive maintenance, including Industrial Sanitation Services.

Our team of professionals will coordinate filing any regulatory notices necessary to ensure that you are in compliance with governmental policy prior to any required treatment. Our trained technicians understand what methods offer the best results with the least interruption to your business operation.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff

Pest management is not a job for amateurs. It takes special knowledge and training. EcoSafe has more experienced personnel. Oklahoma State University Graduate Entomologist and former teacher Michael W. Brandt, member, American Registry of Board Certified Entomologists, Entomological Society of America, Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Chi Omega; and completed the Purdue University course in scientific pest management, which means he has attained a level of standards that are the highest quality.

Our service manager is Richard Vessels, State Certified Applicator, and has over 30 years experience in the Pest Management Industry. He has extensive knowledge in the treatment of pests and termites in various commercial and residential accounts. He has planned and implemented treatment strategies for Children’s Medical Center, Carswell AFB, Parkland, John Peter Smith, All Saints and Harris Methodist Hospitals. He has completed courses at The University of Texas, and Pest Control Technology at Purdue University.

All of our technicians are state certified and professionally trained.


Mosquito & Flea Control

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Our History

Eco-Safe Pest Control was founded by Michael W. Brandt in 1972. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, and a Board Certified Entomologist. Michael grew up in the pest control industry. His mother was Phoebe Orkin Brandt, and his father, Nathan Brandt, was the regional manager for Orkin Pest Control in North Texas when Michael was a child. Michael founded Eco-Safe with the idea that he would be among the first companies to implement safer strategies for the control of pests.

Today, Eco-Safe Pest Control is a rapidly growing company that serves the greater Dallas-Fort Worth market. Eco-Safe’s commitment to the customer first, and our reliance on an environmentally friendly approach to pest control, has made us a leader in this market.

Our Promise 

Eco-Safe promotes the natural organic and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. Eco-Safe technicians are fully trained and capable of all different treatment approaches so that we can ensure all of our customer's satisfaction. We will always use the safest most effective treatment options tailored to your specific treatment strategy and wants.

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EcoRevolution ®

Join us in protecting our homes, offices and our environment using all organic services whenever possible. Together we will create a better tomorrow for our generation and the generations to come.