A Clean House Does Not Mean It’s Pest-Free

Some people believe that pests are never a problem in a clean home. If this were true, pest control operators would become house cleaning services! While general sanitation and cleanliness can’t hurt, unfortunately, ALL HOMES CAN GET PESTS! Pests have mastered the art of finding food. Insects like cockroaches and mice find plenty of and food and water where we don’t expect, even in the cleanest of homes and apartments.

house cleaningMany pests become much more numerous, or are more likely to set up permanent residence, where they have easy access to food and water. Ants, cockroaches, and mice are just a few of the pests whose populations soar where food and water are plentiful for them. A problem common to ALL homes – clean or dirty – are the many pests that invade not looking for food, but simply seeking a climate inside that is more to their liking. Boxelder bugs, elm leaf beetles, clover mites, rats, etc., find ways indoors, looking for a warmer, drier place. It is also very easy to unknowingly bring pests right through the front door with you – hidden in groceries, firewood, boxes brought in from a garage or storage building and other items you carry indoors.

It is unfortunate that even clean homes are not immune to having pest problems. But the great news is that the professionals at Eco-Safe Pest Control can give you the benefits of a pest-free home, regardless of whether or not you always keep your home spotlessly clean.

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