The Arrival of Spring Means Spiders Are Not Far Behind

As warm weather approaches, so does the chance of a higher spider population near your home. When it gets closer to spring, female spiders begin to lay anywhere from one to thousands of eggs in an egg sack. These eggs normally take a couple of weeks to mature and hatch. It is important to be prepared for spiders in the spring time and to make sure to control the settings surrounding your home.

The big debate about spiders is whether they can be beneficial to your home or not. In some ways, spiders can be beneficial outside of the home because they eat many insects including roaches, mosquitoes, flies and more. Because spiders feed on different insects, they can help to control other pests that may be present inside and outside of your home. If you feel that you may have an excessive spider presence at your home, have it inspected by professionals.

Always be cautious with spiders. Although the majority of spiders in the home are harmless, if they feel threatened there is a chance that they will bite you in hopes of protecting themselves. A few types of species of spiders can deliver painful, poisonous bites. If someone in your household has been bitten by a spider it is best to keep an eye on the bite and if it gets worse you should contact your local emergency room for assistance.


  • Inside
    • Caulk and block points of entry, make sure windows and doors fit tightly. Spiders typically enter homes through cracks and crevices.
    • Avoid clutter and control humidity in dark areas such as basements, attics, etc.
    • Store seasonal clothing in boxes that have been sealed with tape.
    • Vacuum spiders and webs
  • Outside
    • Keep debris, shrubs, and trash from touching the outside foundation of your home.
    • Treat close shrubs and trees with least toxic or natural pesticides.
    • Clean up wood piles. Wood piles can create a perfect home for spiders.
    • Remove webs from decks, patio furniture and other areas in your yard.

If you need help in controlling spiders in and around your home or business, call the professionals at EcoSafe® Pest Control at 214-358-5201 or fill out our convenient form to send us an email.

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