Termite Swarmers – Sometimes They are Only a Nuisance

During the late winter to late spring of each year here in Texas, the Subterranean Termites produce winged Swarmers.

The purpose of these swarmers is to fly up onto the air, find a mate and start a new colony. After mating, both the male and the female land on a suitable nesting area and lose their wings. When they swarm into your home, in most cases, they cannot do any damage to your home.

To start a nest, Subterranean Termites need a moist, wet, or rotten wood. Unless you have one of those conditions the swarmer termites cannot hurt you. Swarmer termites are attracted to light when they emerge from the colony.

They may be found in window sills or around your ceiling lights. It is not necessary to spray these termite swarmers. Be patient and they will die within a few hours if no wooden moisture nesting area is found. You can use a vacuum to rid yourself of these nuisance pests. Just because you see these swarmers does not mean you have a termite infestation.  There is not much that can be done to stop them from swarming unless the source is located. If you are seeing them in large numbers INSIDE your home or business, there may be a colony underneath but not necessarily causing damage. They must come to the surface in order to swarm and sometimes they surface in your living room. They will be found near a window or light because they instinctively “go to the light”.

Another this to consider is that you may be seeing ANT swarmers instead.
They appear nearly identical to the untrained eye, and their behavior is very similar.

Ants vs Termites Comparison

So I have a confirmed termite infestation. Can I treat for termites myself?

Because of the specialized equipment and chemicals needed to effectively and safely treat your home, it’s nearly always best to hire a professional. Do-it-yourself termite control chemicals are commonly sold through feed, hardware, and nursery supply stores. For spot treatments, in a very limited area, these products may be as effective as some professional products; however it takes a professional to thoroughly treat a home. Do-it-yourself termite control projects should be limited to smaller, less valuable structures such as sheds, fence post, decks and wood piles.

At Eco-Safe Pest Control, we have years of experience and highly qualified technicians. We can effectively treat for termites using organic liquid termiticides, bait systems, or a combination of both. Contact us if you have any concerns about termites and we will schedule an inspection that is convenient for you.

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