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Have a yard? Care about your trees' health? Have scale, beetles, or spots on your plants and trees? Don't want unnecessary insects being attracted to your property?  Tree not looking vibrant? Want to ensure your tree is protected and is healthy as possible? 

Eco-Safe has you covered.

We are glad to offer more ways for Eco-Safe to help you. Proudly introducing the brand new lawn, tree, and ornamental division of Eco-Safe. We love to make a difference the Eco-Safe way. Our company forester will develop a personalized care plan for your trees and yard while matching it into your budget.

Let us build a personalized plan for you!

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Oak Wilt

Oak wilt does not have to be the end. We offer root injections to help combat this disease. While the treatment is invasive for the tree, we offer the expertise to help bring about the best chance of treating the tree and preventing the spread to other trees.

Liquid Fertilizer

We offer a service to fertilize using a liquid source of all your macro and micro nutrients to help give extra vigor and nutrients to your plants and trees allowing for maximized growth. 


By taking samples to determine what kind of issue your plant is having, we can determine the best fungicide (or lack of based on type) to treat your issues be it fusiform rust or a common non-aggressive variety. 



Scale, worms, aphids, beetles, ants, you name it. Everyone loves your trees, but not everyone should have access, while we love our insect friends, they should not be allowed to kill your plant. We will remove them in an environmentally friendly manor with insecticide which is designed to be as safe as possible. 

Root Re-Invigoration

Plant looking sad? We will test and see if the soil is compacted, dried out, lacking nutrients, and proceed to fix it. We will aerate the soil with our specialized equipment and replace it with fresh, clean, highly organic rich soil. 

Lawn Care

Things not looking lush and green? We are great at diagnosing and treating your lawn to get it back into shape with a green summer smile inviting you to kick off your shoes and stay a spell. Contact your technician to learn more today!