we are not just safe, we are eco-safe. 

Eco-Safe has been servicing the Dallas and Fort Worth area for over 50 years. We believe in utilizing the safest most effective practices through knowledge and education. We are passionate about helping and protecting our customers, neighbors, families, friends, and the environment.  With our eclectic background and knowledge base, we stand out in our ability to help you which is why we are the best pest control company in Dallas/Fort Worth.

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Eco-Safe's Commitment to You

Eco-Safe has been around for a long time. Our goal is to help our customers by providing the highest quality service in the industry. Eco-Safe is the original and only pest control company with an eco-conscience. Our techniques, strategies, and employees are top notch and we strive to ensure our customers are always happy. 

Eco-Safe is family owned for 3 generations and counting. Miss Phoebe's, Eco-Safe's termite division, was the first woman-owned pest control company in the state of Texas. Eco-Safe offers unique and effective natural solutions to pest control and is certified by the Texas Organic Research Center. Be sure to always ask us about our fully natural organic services.   

Eco-Safe is the only pest control company with an eco-conscience. Eco-Safe utilizes natural and unique approaches to pest prevention, management, and treatment. Utlizing Eco-Safe at your home or business ensures a safe environment is maintained.

Did you know? 

Eco-Safe Pest Control is certified by the Texas Organic Research Center. Eco-Safe uses and encourages natural organic services whenever it is possible. The foreseeable future and goal at Eco Safe is only natural organic products for all pests, problems, and infestations. We need your help and support to make this goal a reality. We are here to ensure your health, home, family and pets are protected. 

Everyone benefits when you use Eco-Safe. Children, Pets, Expecting Families, Business Owners and their Customers, even the Earth. Eco-Safe is committed to providing a better tomorrow and a safer today.