Bee Services

For many of us, if we hear a buzzing or see a bee or wasp, our first reaction is to try to move away—or even get rid of the offending insect... but not all insects are bad!  In the past decade alone, the plight of the honey bees has become a very important global issue, and rightly so, as they play an essential part in our daily lives by pollinating more than half of all our fruit and vegetable crops, while also producing millions of pounds of honey each year.  

We are dependent on the honey bees' existence.  One way in which we are affecting the bee population is through the use of chemical pesticide... and as tempting as it is to use such a method to eradicate pests in your backyard, it should be noted that not only traditional pesticides are harmful to the bees, they also have the ability to be harmful to people and pets as well. At Eco-Safe we always prefer and encourage bee relocation of all Texas native honey bees over any other method; however, we also have the ability to take care of bee that may not be possible to relocate, bees that are overly aggressive, bees that have been contaminated, and bees that pose a threat to your family, guests, or pets. We also can help with insects often mistaken for bees such as yellow jackets.

 We will walk you through all the options to find the best solution specifically for you if you happen to come across any insect you might not want around or inside your home.  


Bee Relocation  

Eco-Safe prides itself on the fact that we understand the significance of beneficial bees and insects. Before spraying any bees, feel free to send in a picture to for identification and to find out if relocation would be recommended! 

Once relocated, these bees will be boxed where they will continue pollinate and do their important job. Sometimes you might see a large swarm of bees, but they will actually move on their own! Click below to learn more about hives vs swarms! 


Bee Removal 

Fortunately, in most (but not all) cases we can evaluate your particular bee situation and offer win-win options for both you and the precious bees!  If, however, dire action is unavoidable (i.e. if a hive is firmly established in your walls), removing it may be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking.   In any case, you will know a lot more after we take a look.  We understand that not everyone is a bee lover and there's a big difference between having them "gone" and having them "dead".   If necessary, we have the ability to eliminate and remove bees from hard to reach places or bees that pose a threat to your safety/ health.   We can also help you with wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, etc.  


Honey Comb Removal 

While it is true that (left alone) honey is the only food that cannot 'go bad', Honey can and will go rancid if left in its place where other pests can reach and potentially soil/spoil it via bacteria, fecal matter, and other unsanitary organisms.  Once the comb is ruptured, disturbed or broken, spilled honey can be very difficult to clean up. Bee hives inside of structures are not fun, but Eco-Safe can help! We can remove the honeycomb for you as well, oftentimes even if it is in hard to reach places.