Natural Organic Mosquito Treatment in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. The Better Way to do Pest Control.

It’s beginning to be that time of year again: the sun is out, the weather is warm and beautiful, and all of us are excited to spend our time outside enjoying the much missed warmth. However, there is a downside… or rather many for that matter. They are called mosquitoes. As the weather warms up, mosquitoes once again begin to proliferate and take control of our yards and outdoor spaces. Unfortunately, in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, we feel the full effect of these pesky insects as they enjoy warmer months just as we do.   

Everyone wants to go outside, but no one enjoys the dreaded mosquito bite or having to spray their bodies down with undesirable scents before stepping foot outside the comfort of their homes. Just like in the new Netflix series The Rain, all of us try to avoid mosquitoes like Simone and Rasmus avoided the rain -  to fullest extent possible. Not only are mosquito bites unsightly and itchy, but mosquitoes themselves have the capacity to transmit serious diseases through their bites. This makes mosquito control important for the health and safety of all of us. Pest control companies, especially here in DFW, treat left and right for mosquitoes during the season, pumping tons of materials through spray rigs, backpack sprayers, foggers, aerial sprayers, and misting systems which all goes into our environment. Yikes!

What happens when tons and tons of not so safe materials are pumped into our environment, where do they go and what effects can they have? Why solve one problem while risking creating others?

Even worse, many companies say their mosquito treatments are natural; however, just like the “made with” vs “made from” natural ingredient dilemma we experience in the grocery store, we also have this in the pest control industry. A company may very well be using a “natural” product, but they leave out other non-natural or potentially dangerous active ingredients in their presentations.

What is the point of using materials that can end up almost anywhere in our environments, and we mean anywhere, with natural components if dangerous pesticides are mixed in with it?  This question is very important to think about as this is a very real thing in DFW.

Some good news, there are good and honest companies out there. EcoSafe is one of them. EcoSafe is an original pioneer of the green movement in pest control and was green before it was even moderately accepted. In fact, we were laughed at for it near 50 years ago by many in the industry and even still are today. We hear things like this all the time:

“Natural doesn’t work. Organic pest control doesn’t work. Only this super dangerous fogging material that can kill almost anything will work. I’ve been using product xyz for 20 years and it has always worked so why use something else. Don’t go with natural, it’s more expensive and it doesn’t work as well. ” 

All of these statements are simply not true.

What separates EcoSafe from the other companies out there, is that we do not overlook or brush off these questions – we answer them. As the leader in the real green movement in pest control, EcoSafe is committed to protecting people, children, pets, and the environment. 

Eco Safe is able to successfully and effectively reduce mosquito populations and do so without using a negative to solve a negative. The truth is natural organic mosquito control works. It works equal to or better than traditional pesticides. The trick is, you have to know how to apply it correctly, and at Eco Safe we know. With over 50 years of experience servicing Dallas/Fort Worth, EcoSafe technicians are trained for superior service with superior results. So what does EcoSafe do that makes us so different?

EcoSafe utilizes multiple strategies to combat mosquitoes. Each method is all natural and the safest most effective option on the market.  Our flagship service would be our power spray utilizing EcoSafe’s Mosquito X Ultra. Garlic & Thyme are the only active ingredients so your yard will smell like an Italian kitchen for about 2-3 hours, but it packs a powerful punch as it will kill mosquitoes on contact and will protect your yard for up to 21 days. Even the inactive ingredients are natural as well. 

No one person, city, or company can guarantee 100% control of mosquitos or any insect or pest regardless of what materials are used. It is simply not possible. If it was, we would all be in trouble as many insects play key roles in our environment. EcoSafe’s mosquito control programs have the ability to safely reduce mosquito populations by up to 98% without risking contaminating water ways or backyards. The key word that differentiates us from others is safely. For example, take two yards with the same exact parameters, conducive conditions, and mosquito populations – if you treat each yard with each product and keep everything else the same, the results will almost be always equal. If you continue to see mosquitoes after a treatment, that cannot be attributed to natural organic vs traditional. Remember, 100% control is not possible, and the one or two you are seeing could easily have been 20 or more without treatment.

There are a lot of factors that go into a successful mosquito control program and it is not just the treatment. EcoSafe will work with you to choose the treatment plan that is best for you and ensure the best results possible for your home. Eco Safe offers backpack spraying, high pressure rig spraying, mosquito misting systems, in2care, and other mosquito control tactics. 

EcoSafe is experienced in all forms of treatment methods from traditional to natural organic approaches; therefore, we know what we are talking about when we say that an approach is successful or not. We will never hide behind clever names or false promises. We tell you what it is, if there are risks, and what to expect. When you use EcoSafe, you are ensuring a better tomorrow and brighter today.

Mosquito season is right around the corner. Who do YOU want to help you through it?

Not just safe, Eco-Safe.

EcoSafe can be reached at 214-358-5201 or at .

As mosquito season approaches, and you are going to use a mosquito control program, ask yourself what would you feel most comfortable with – a yard that smells like an Italian kitchen for about 3 hours or a yard that can pose a threat to the health of you and the environment?

With EcoSafe, not only are you able to effectively reduce mosquito populations, but you can do so knowing you aren’t using something bad to cancel out something bad. EcoSafe’s mosquito treatment is 100% natural organic. The truth is natural organic mosquito control works and works equal to or better than traditional pesticides. The trick is, you have to know how to apply it. EcoSafe technicians are trained for superior service with superior results. You can be confident in EcoSafe as they have over 50 years of experience servicing DFW.  Whether we use backpack sprayers, a spray rig, or install a powerful misting system you can be comforted by the fact that you are getting superior results with

Take back your yard and environment. Don’t wait, call EcoSafe today for a free mosquito inspection to get ready to take back your yard once mosquitoes visit DFW again.