so why should you use eco-safe? 

Eco-Safe is certified by the Texas Organic Research Center. Eco-Safe uses and encourages natural organic services whenever it is possible. Many of the products Eco-Safe uses are Eco-Safe products. We are always working on newer and more diverse natural organic products in order to provide a better tomorrow. Right now, we have been assisting with three new natural organic products that are in the developmental stage which will be used where natural organic products have never been recommended before.

The majority of Eco-Safe’s services incorporate all natural organic products. The goal at Eco Safe is the use of only natural organic products for any and all pests, problems, and infestations. There is not a natural organic solution for every type of pest and infestation and if a natural organic solution will not work with a customer's desire, we will develop a unique treatment plan by recommending the safest and most effective treatment. We need your help and support to make our goal of finding natural organic solutions for all situations possible. We are committed to this to protect people, families, children, pets, and the environment. 

We are Pest Control and we are what Pest Control should be. We are committed to transparency, honesty, and education. We will never hide behind false green products, clever names, or give you general statements if you ask a specific question. So rest assured when you use us, we will be using the safest most effective treatment available and will be happy to speak to you about it. Now ask yourself, if you haven’t already, are you ready to join the EcoRevolution®?

What does joining the EcoRevolution® and supporting Eco-Safe do for you? 

By using Eco-Safe and joining the EcoRevolution® you are demonstrating your commitment to a better tomorrow, a healthier and safer home, and protecting your health and the environment.  



Eco-Safe Pest Control is certified by the Texas Organic Research Center! 

Eco-Safe Pest Control is certified by the Texas Organic Research Center!