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Luis was so helpful and explained the products and methods for treating my home, attic, crawl space and yard. Super nice guy. I look forward to visiting with him again on the three month follow up.
— From one of our many wonderful customers 1/24/2018

General Pest Control 

At Eco-Safe®, our general pest control services are not only effective, but they incorporate natural organic solutions. This service protects against insects such as fire ants (inside of the home), rover ants, crickets, American roaches, silverfish, as well as arthropods such as millipedes, pill bugs, and arachnids such as spiders.

The best time to start general pest control is when you see little to no pests! But even if you happen to see a lot pests, call us and we will ensure results,  

Eco-Safe offers you a 4-way pest management system, a 4-way system that covers all bases and is unmatched. The system is for your protection, so that you receive the finest pest management service available. The system includes: Non Chemical and Organic Pest Management,  Inspection, Identification, Recommendations, and Treatment. It includes Pest and Rodent Management, Flea and Tick Management, Bird and Squirrel Management, Nuisance Animal Management and Exclusion,  Lawn and Shrubbery Pest Control, Termite Management with Annual Inspections, Written Reports, Conventional Pest Management and Wall and Void Treatments.



Before we begin any treatment, we thoroughly inspect inside and outside of your home to determine the best treatment plan for you. Never hesitate to ask questions or let us know if you have any concerns.

*Some of the products we use have an essential oil scent. Many people find the aromas of our products to be extremely pleasant. If you have any concerns, would prefer no odors, or have specific health requirements, always let us know. We specialize in unique tailored treatments to ensure your specific wants and needs are met.  

No Long-Term Contracts

We offer residential pest control service on a monthly, quarterly, or as-needed basis. Although we strongly encourage our customers to maintain regular service (Quarterly Service is usually recommended), there is no long-term contract. Our service agreements may be cancelled at any time without penalty. We want you to use Eco-Safe not because you have to, but because you want to. Your satisfaction is, has, and always will be our number one priority. 

*Please remember, if you cancel or opt out of a quarterly service and wish to resume service at a later date, the next service will be billed and performed as an initial service and then quarterly will follow after.


Other than treatment for active problems, our most important goal is prevention. We want to prevent insects from coming into your home and thus, minimize insects becoming pests. Many insects and spiders are extremely beneficial and some are natural pest deterrents in their own right. 

Efficient and Cost-Effective

We will always offer you the most efficient and cost effective solutions to ensure your home or business is pest free. We want to bring peace of mind to you, your family, or your business




At Eco-Safe®, we respect the beneficial aspect of most insects and other “pests”. Insects and animals should only be considered pests if they negatively impact one's quality of life.  When they do enter a home or area where they can affect your environment, these beneficial critters can turn into a nuisance. Pests have the ability to cause physical damage to homes and buildings, spread germs, irritate allergies, and make any home or business environment uncomfortable. 

You can rely on Eco-Safe® to design the absolute best individualized treatment plan specific to your wants and needs.