With over 50 years of service, EcoSafe Heat is committed to delivering the results you need and want instantaneously. Don’t let a company who only does Bed Bugs perform your treatment. Many of times they do not know about other areas of pest control or pests for that matter. We can treat more than just Bed Bugs with our heat treatment. Heat might not always the best option, and the companies that only do Heat/ Bed Bugs may not able to identify this. With EcoSafe, you know you are getting the BEST. 

Instant Results. Guaranteed. 

Raising the temperature of your home to ~145 Degrees Fahrenheit from 4 to 8 hours will eliminate Bed Bugs and many other pests from your home instantaneously. As with most of our services, we provide a 90 day guarantee. Don't let the companies who advertise a 12 month or 18 month guarantee for Bed Bug treatments fool you. You will know within 90 days if we have done our job or not. If Bed Bugs become present after 90 days, their warranty will not cover that and you would have paid an extra premium for a null protection plan as Bed Bugs were most likely re-introduced. Our goal is to help people and to always be honest and transparent with our customers. 



EcoSafe has over 50 years of service experience in DFW and a combined 200+ years of experience between all of our staff members. We know what it takes 

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Having Bed Bugs can be embarrassing. EcoSafe takes our customers privacy into mind when it comes to our trucks and trailers equipped for heat treatment. There will never be any logos that indicate you are receiving a bed bug treatment and just as it always has been for over 50 years, we will never share or publicize your treatment history. 

This video shows you what we see while performing a Heat Treatment. The goal is to heat a home and/ or room to a temperature of ~145 degrees. This Heat Treatment just started up when this video was recorded and took another 6 hours to complete.