As her family began to face dire financial issues, Phoebe "Orkin" Brandt became the first woman in the state of Texas to own a pest-control company in 1962. By this time, there were already over 200 pest-control companies in Dallas. Phoebe and her husband, Nathan, were heavily involved in the pest-control industry. In fact, Nathan and Phoebe helped lay the groundwork for one of the most well-known pest-control companies in the nation.

When Miss Phoebe began her pest-control company, she operated out of her own home, keeping equipment in the trunk of her car. She did the selling while her brother made the service calls. She initially sold her service to people she had met socially: the church group, the boy scouts, and the PTA. As word spread about the quality of her service, the business expanded greatly.  

Today, Miss Phoebe’s serves as Eco-Safe's Termite Division and remains its own company to honor Phoebe's accomplishments.

Phoebe and Nathan introduced Michael, their son, to pest control around the age of 6 in the early 1950's. Michael Brandt became one of the pioneers of the green movement in the pest-control industry in the late 60’s and early 70’s. After graduating from and teaching entomology at Oklahoma State University, Michael started Eco-Safe Pest Control in Oklahoma. He moved Eco-Safe to Dallas to help his mother and father in 1972. Michael helped his mother with her business and took Miss Phoebe's Pest Control under his wing.

Almost 40 years after its creation, Eco-Safe is finding better solutions to pest control which is positively impacting the industry. 

the story of eco-safe