ZR1 Odor Neutralizer

ZR1 Odor Neutralizer


EcoSafe® Ultra ZR1 2 oz odor neutralizer's unique chemistry eliminates odor at its source immediately with out being corrosive or harmful. Simply apply on the odor source. Ultra ZR1 odor neutralizer was developed to spray, fog, mop or dunk.

Use for: floors, HVAC ducts, vents, carpets, bathrooms, walls, drains, food bins, etc.

Specifically designed to remove odors caused by smoke, urine, animal spray, mildew, musk, animal decay, etc.

Ultra ZR1 is safe for fabrics, people, furniture, pets, earth.

Add Ultra ZR1 to your laundry to:

  • Freshen clothes

  • Remove static

  • Eliminate foul, musty odors from washers and dryers

Ultra ZR1 is made for professionals by professionals and delivers processional results. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Original Fresh-n-Clean scent.

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