The majority of spiders you come in contact with are completely harmless and usually do not have the ability to bite humans. They are also extremely beneficial and are part of a healthy ecosystem. While doing general pest, we help to ensure to dissuade spiders from webbing inside the home and entering the home. We make sure to identify the species of all spiders we see during our general pest service to ensure they are not dangerous spiders. If there is a dangerous spider, we will thoroughly inspect specific areas spiders can be to make sure you are protected. 

Wherever there is a food source, you will likely be able to find a spider. If the food source is eliminated, spiders are less likely to be in that area. Our General Pest Control Service will help control spiders due to the above reason. Up to date weather stripping and seals are a great way to prevent hunting spiders from entering your home or place of business. On rare occasions, spiders can infest an indoor location and we offer specific spider services for those situations. 


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