Animal Control and Wildlife Removal 

The goal of the Eco-Safe division of Wildlife is to quickly and safely remove any nuisance or dangerous animals that may be affecting your home or property. Using ecologically safe practices we can effectively resolve any wildlife issues you may encounter. Wildlife is usually found outside; however, we are also equipped to handle situations if they happen to get into your home.

Services for wildlife include but are not limited to:

  • Mammals

    • We have various traps and trappings methods . We trap most urban mesopredators. Mammals include, but are not limited to, skunks, raccoons, voles, moles, opossums (marsupials), squirrels, and any other general wildlife you may encounter within an urban setting.

    • Rodent control and Rodent Exclusion Click RatBusters to find out more. 


  • Avian

    • Exclusion and Relocation

    • Installation of Bird Houses


  • Reptiles

    • Snakes


  • Bats in attics

    • Removal and Exclusion


  • Armadillos

*Eco-Safe will not use leg hold traps as we only believe in humane trapping and excluding methods.